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Introducing: Eze Ejike

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Eze Ejike

Eze Ejike

Eze Ejike is a promising young footballer who looks set for a climb to the top. The talented young man from Enugu State who plays for Gidi FC of Lagos has been building up a reputation as a goal scoring machine. Over the past few years, he has notched up about 140 goals, scoring 41 one goals for Gidi FC over the 2 years he has been playing for them. Prior to that, he notched over 100 goals for his club My People FC going on to set a record as their highest ever goal scorer.

Eze Ejike 2

Eze Ejike with one of his numerous trophies


Eze with teammates and manager.

The Lagos-born footballer was quite instrumental to Gidi FC’s promotion, scoring 21 goals to help them finish top of the League 2 standings in the 2012/13 season. He has shown signs of being ready to bang in many more goals to help keep them in League one and probably even help them to promotion after just one year. What a feat that would be.


One thought on “Introducing: Eze Ejike

  1. Have seen Ejike plays he is such a good player looking forward to National cap


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